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Ranger Talent Show

Redwood High School hosted their talent show on Thursday the 16th located in the Rotary Theater. Students from grades 9th-12th participated in the annual talent show. It was a huge hit and not only the audience but the performers had a great time.

The types of performances range

Sarah Jackson, ’19, performing at the show.

d from singing, dancing and even a few music performances. The performers gave their full energy and passion into their performances. Most of the performers were used to the spotlight but yet they always get those butterflies before heading on stage. Marissa De La Cruz, ‘18, “Well going on stage brought me back memories from when I was younger but rarely had a solo or a song for myself back then, because of that performing by myself made me feel fulfilled.” Even when the performer is done, they still feel that rush of energy. Marissa said, “ I felt I did what I was meant to to do and it was perfect! I wasn’t really nervous since this is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long while.”

Sarah Jackson, ‘19 said, “ I felt like I knew what I was doing because I’ve been performing since I was very young. I was a little nervous to tell you the truth because there were friends watching me, but other than that I felt really confident.”

The audience had a great time watching the performers. Many of them came to support their friends or just came to have a great time! Estephanie Rojas, ‘18 said “ I came to the Talent show with my best friend and my sister. It’s actually my first time attending the talent show and glad I did because I got to see so many of my friends perform. I was nervous for them because it takes a lot of courage to go up there.”

The talent show was a huge success for both the crowd and the performers on stage. Redwood High School is a place for creativity and luckily we have a variety of options to showcase all sorts of talent and the RHS Talent show is one of them.

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