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Fresno’s House of Gold

Quite a few Redwood students attended the Twenty one Pilots concert that was held at The Center in Fresno on February 14, 2017.

Jordan Scott, ‘17, went to the concert with his older sister. “[My favorite part was] during Car Radio when Tyler was standing on the platform right in front us and the time when he was standing right above us,” Scott said.

Lauren Williams, ‘17, also attended the concert but she got the chance to meet them. “Meeting Tyler and Josh was definitely an experience. It was sort of awkward, but I was grateful for every second. I never anticipated for the two of them to be so tall, or maybe I’m just that short. They were a lot skinnier than I had imagined as well. It’s not like I haven’t seen pictures and videos of them before, it was just a whole different level seeing them in person,” WIlliams said.

Lauren holds both Tyler and Josh very close to her heart and she said that getting the chance to not only meet them, but see them perform live was a wonderful experience that had a huge impact on her.


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