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Music and Mugs at Cafe 210

Art Club had their second Music and Mugs event at Cafe 210 on Friday, February 17th from 5-7 pm.

Music and Mugs is an event where students can sing, play an instrument, tell jokes, and rap. Art Club members were also taking recommendations as to what objects they could sketch. One of the topics was “water”, so members drew mermaids, sea turtles, and fish.

Custom mugs were also made and sold, the prices ranged from $2-12 each, and some even came with free plants inside. Mug designs included a rainbow pattern, extreme glitter coatings, and a turkey.

The Music and Mugs event was a good way for Art Club to fundraise money, and it benefits students and customers at the cafe by giving them a chance to relax and listen to live performances and watching students create beautiful art.

Mrs. Yates, the 3D Art teacher at Redwood High School and adviser of Art Club, said, “We probably want to try to do it one more time before the end of the year.”

Logan Berryhill, ‘19, played an electric bass at the event. “It was a good time for people to get together and enjoy music and local performers,” Berryhill said.

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