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6 Reasons Why The 1975 is Worth Listening To

Since 2002, band members Matthew Healy, George Daniel, Adam Hann and Ross MacDonald have changed the typical course of pop-rock bands in the 21st century. Originating from Manchester, England, this band has been active in all parts of the world, captivating the minds and hearts of a variety of people. In 2013, the year finished off with The 1975, a debut album through their record label Dirty Hit. This album embodies the band’s naive & mischievous, yet dark & passionate undertones. Their second studio album, I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It, was released in 2016. This album demonstrates the new wave of pop coming into the new year, as well as sounds from 70s and 80s decades. Here are some of the highlights taken from both albums that will give you just a taste of the new wave of pop-rock.

“Chocolate” By The 1975

This song perfectly embodied the style and tone of their debut album. With a catchy beat over guitar riffs, this is the perfect song to turn down your window to and sing out loud. This is definitely one of those tunes that will stick inside your brain forever.

“Menswear” By The 1975

This is easily one of the most underrated songs of the album. This song embodies beats and synthetic sounds to create a catchy beat. When the verse comes in, Matty literally spits fire. It only has two verses, but somehow his diction and slurring with every tone makes the song feel like forever.

“Robbers” By The 1975

This song is easily one of the greatest songs you will ever be able to listen to. Matty’s passion put into the vocals is one of the most empowering moments to witness live on tour. By the last chorus, Matty and the group is capable of bringing the whole stadium together to belt out the last lyrics “You look so cool”.

“Love Me” By The 1975

This is literally the best transition song to a new era of The 1975. Being the first song on the album, this tune perfectly encompases the style and rhythms of the whole disk. In this jam, Matty discusses the dark side of the media and high standards of society.

“Somebody Else” By The 1975

If perfection was contained in a four-minute song, this would be it. Somebody Else is the perfect jew to add to your playlists. With 80s vibes and 21st century tones, this break-up song will really make you think about your first love. Matty’s emotion really showcases through powerful vocals and a soft, saddening chorus.

“If I Believe You” By The 1975

This song isn’t very popular, but it really should be. In this, Matty discusses his confusion with religion. This song is very touching to many people who may be confused to their faith, for it gives a different perception of religion. It also contains a beautiful saxophone solo that will soothe all the stress of your life.
This is only a couple of songs from their albums, but trust me, if I was able to describe every song, I really would. These albums always make it on my playlist, no tune is ever left behind. Every song has it’s own individual style that will soon become attached to you like glue. Give The 1975 a chance and you won’t regret it.

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