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MED’s Parent Meeting

After hours around 5 p.m, on February 8th, Redwood’s XL held an orientation with parents of the MED Program members. The orientation was held in the Library. The orientation wasn’t mandatory yet all of the mentorship kids went along with their parents to show them exactly what the MED program has to offer.

Both students and parents attended but the program was directed mainly towards parents so they could have a clear view on what their students would be doing would be doing. Program Adviser, Gabe Munoz, gave a very detailed and helpful explanation.

Everyone and their parents walked out of there with a great mindset of what their getting themselves in. Melissa Lopez, a mother of a MED Member, said “This whole parent orientation thing was seriously helpful for me. All my questions I had were answered and I’m more than pleased to have had attended this MED thing.”

The MED program has two different programs. The MED Mentorship accepts only a limited amount of people. They had to fill out an application and write a personal statement of why they wanted to be in the mentorship.

Every other Wednesday the MED mentorship program goes to simulation labs at Kaweah Delta while being mentored by a doctor in his or her beginning steps of becoming an official doctor.

For those students that didn’t make the mentorship there is still a spot in the club that meets every Monday. Anyone can join the club so there’s no limited spots.

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