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Skills to Pay the Bills

On Saturday, February 4th Redwood’s Skills USA, a program here at Redwood High school, had a competition. The classes competing were Culinary Arts, Woodshop, Auto Shop, and Metal Shop.

Skills USA is a program that recognizes skills that an industry would need, such as Woodshop for cabinetry, and Culinary arts for baking and cooking.

The different classes also had a specific competition they had to do. Mrs. Montemagni, the Culinary Art teacher, said, “In my area, we had a conversion baking, which they had to make pie crusts from scratch, blueberry muffins from scratch, and had to frost and decorate a cake.” That team took home a gold medal.

Students also had to give oral presentations of what skill they did for the class, such as knife cuts, cake decorating, or garnishing.

Mr. Eastman’s woodshop class also competed. For the competition they built cabinetry and explained the power and hand tools through the process of the build. They also had to wear safety gear, such as goggles or face a penalty. They took home a bronze and silver medal in the competition.

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