Catchin’ Up with the ASB President

ASB has been a huge part of Redwood’s tradition for a long time. The president of ASB is an essential part to getting everything organized and representing Redwood’s spirit. Our current ASB president, Bryanna Martinez, ‘17, is always on top to make sure things are running smoothly.

This past year, ASB has worked extremely hard as they always do, making sure Redwood is ready for football games, dress up weeks, and a ton of other extra curricular activities. Martinez is one of the leaders behind this great team. When Martinez was asked about her time as ASB president she said, “Being ASB President has been an amazing experience! I’ve had the opportunity to meet and bond with an incredible group of kids that share my same passion… I want to implement something new, a new tradition, something that kids look forward to.”

When asked to reflect on some of her best times at Redwood, Martinez brought up Cowhide. She said, “ My favorite memory so far has probably been getting some friends from the stands at Cowhide to help carry the hide out to the track.” She also commented on the thrill of seeing the crowd go crazy during rally’s or football games, events she personally helped decorate.

Martinez has been essential to Redwood and our ASB program over the past school year. She has helped organize and put together a ton of events as well as keeping everything at ease. Bryanna Martinez has been a great contributed to Redwood and an even greater 62nd ASB president!

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