Educatin’ the Youth!

The XL senior tutor’s year has almost come to the end. XL tutors are people that like helping others and get paid for it because it is a job but it also counts as community service. They also do it to get some money in for college purposes. They put a lot of effort into their job and spread out their knowledge to other students that don’t get it.  

Jessica Calderon ‘17 said, “The person who inspired me to become a tutor was my boyfriend because he thought I would be a good help to students with homework. I wanted to become a tutor because I thought it would be a great opportunity to help people with different subjects I feel confident in. It is also a learning opportunity process, retouching lectures learned a long time ago or recently, so it’s help for the students and me as well. I first thought about being a tutor when I heard it was possible during my AVID class, at first I didn’t know we would get paid,so that’s a plus. I have also helped other friends and classmates with homework outside of school and I thought it would just make sense to be a tutor officially. It’s important to me because I’m involved with the school and I’m helping out those who really need it. Being a tutor helped me enhance my tutoring skills with everyone and it has also teached me more on subject by finding ways that I didn’t know before to solve simple or hard problems.”

Fernando Luna ‘17 said, “My inspiration for becoming a tutor comes from many of my friends who told me that they were tutors. They mentioned how they help students in need and I really found an interest in being that helper for those students. I wanted to become a XL tutor because I know that I have a lot to offer in an educational aspect. I felt as if I would be able to reach out to students who needed guidance academically. I first thought about becoming a tutor towards the beginning of the year. I applied first semester and surprisingly got the job and ever since I have really enjoyed being a tutor.Being an XL tutor is important to me because I always want to be an assistance to people who are in need. If I have an opportunity to help someone then I will take it and that’s exactly what I did with this tutor position. Besides the financial aspect,tutoring allows me to broaden my way of communicating to a various amount of different people. I am able to strengthen my way of connecting to how a student learns and apply that to what it is they need help with.”

Chastity Meeks ‘17 said, “I wasn’t really inspired by anyone to be a tutor. I just love to help people and I mean, why not get paid for it. I wanted to be a tutor because if I help someone succeed I will, I especially want someone to help me if I was in that position. I thought about being a tutor my sophomore year and I actually applied 3 years in a row and I finally got the job my senior year. Being an XL tutor is important to me because like I said I love to help people and I love money too. Being a tutor benefits me because when I’m not doing anything I can work on homework and I am trying to save up to buy a car for college.”

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