EL Student Recognition

El student recognition was an award ceremony that took place in room 42, located in the upstairs Academic building, recognized students going beyond expectations in academics and the obstacle of learning a new language.  Many of the students are in Honor Roll because of the help and encouragement from Mrs. Wright and Mr. Gonzalez, Ed.D.

The kids in this program worked extraordinarily hard to make sure their grades are good and they are dedicated to their academics. All the hard work has paid off with rewards, excellent report cards and the feeling of accomplishment from the people around them. Wright said, “ I feel like I’m a part of their journey of becoming a better student. Not only that, becoming a part of society because after this they are destined for greatness. They have unlimited opportunity and I feel like I had a hand in that.” Because of the help from teachers, students and counselors, they all see a path of success.

Gonzalez said, “The Redwood Administration and teachers are very proud of the hard work and dedication that these students have set forth upto this point in their academic career. It feels great that the teachers and students are working together to excel their English that will prepare them for their college and careers.” Even through the obstacles, they have hope for a better future, Gonzalez said, “We have lots of great role models at this school site from teachers to other students and in the past it has been very successful making sure the students feel a part of Redwood. The students have started with low levels of understanding or speaking English and with the help of the role models the kids have someone to look up too and know they can accomplish anything.”

Jennifer Miranda, ‘19, “My family is what makes me work harder and I want them to be proud of me. I hope one day to be something greater. I feel amazing and proud of myself that I worked very hard through the year.

Gustavo Varela, ‘18,”I couldn’t have done this without the help of my parents because they worked so hard for me to have this life that I have right now. They worked very hard to give me what I need to succeed and now I want to work hard to give back to them.”

These students worked hard to get to be where they are today because of the people around them such as the teachers, their peers and the help from parents/guardians at home.

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