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Who Plays Who? Mikayla Hays as Lola

Mikayla Hays, ‘17, plays Lola in Damn Yankees. Lola is the Devil’s Seductress.

Hays, ‘17, describes Lola as a promiscuous lady. She is supposed to seduce the men to get the results that the Devil wants. 

Mikayla Hays, ’17

She is also very flirty. However, Lola has a character change throughout the play.

During the show Lola becomes more of a caring person. She really helps the other people in the play, although Lola starts out as an antagonist. She’s trying to draw Joe into the devil realm, and trying to make him be like her, but in the end she helps him out and turns into a protagonist.

“I’m loving this role. It’s difficult for me to play this role, because it is not anywhere in my character, as a person to be this way, I’m pretty clumsy. It’s super fun, and something I never thought I’d be doing,” Hays said.

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