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Who Plays Who? Hayley Nelson as Meg Boyd

This year in the musical Damn Yankees, Hayley Nelson, ‘17, plays Meg Boyd. Meg Boyd is the wife of Joe Boyd. Her character is an important asset to the play because she represents home and a family.

Nelson said “When my husband makes a deal with the devil and leaves me, he learns that you don’t know the value of something until it’s gone, and I help him realize that.”

Nelson said people can expect her character to have some powerful love balance and fun monologue.

Nelson also said that the hard part of her character is memorizing lines. She also has never played a character that isn’t funny, so that was a challenge for her.
Nelson said that she relates to her character because she’s loyal and has a lot of love to give. She also said that her favorite part about her character, Meg Boyd, is that she stands up for what she believes in and is extremely trusting.

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