Booty Friendly Blue Bench

On January 27, 2017; Mr. Madruga, the campus custodian, and Manuel Sotello, Redwood groundskeeper, installed benches by the cooking classrooms and the science building.

Mrs. Laufer came up with the idea to install the benches because students sometimes like to sit underneath the arch and eat their lunch on the ground. Mr. Shin supported the idea, so he decided to fund the making and installing of the benches. Also, when it rains, it gives students somewhere to sit to stay dry.

They came up with the idea at the beginning of the first semester. It took a while to get the okay from Mr. Shin and all the plans worked out to start the project. The AG students helped out by welding and constructing the benches.

Mahak Rajwani, ‘19, said, “I think they are a great asset to our school because now kids have options of places to eat when they stay on campus without being uncomfortable or sitting on the ground. I may never use them because I go off campus a lot but I definitely think they are a good investment for the school!”

Payton Thomas, ´18, who is in Ag class said, ¨It took us one day to put them together.¨

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