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To All Four Year Musical Students, Thank You!

LJ Williams Theater

Not only is the Redwood High School Drama Program very well known and appreciated throughout the city, it is also appreciated by our very own four four year musical students. This year we have thirteen wonderful seniors who got the chance to spend their high school career doing what they love. These students have spent countless hours in the theater throughout the years making memories that they will hold onto for a lifetime, and we asked them to share their favorites with us.

Carissa Gonzales, ‘17, said, “On Closing night of West Side Story, we went downstairs and talked to Galvan and Charlotte like we usually do and they give their speeches and what not. And it was time for places, a bunch of us gals ran up to our dressing room and Abbie Loehner brought a bottle of sparkling cider. We poured the cider into a bunch of plastic cups and toasted. It was a nice moment.”

Abbie Loehner, ‘17, said, “My favorite is the same as Carissa’s, but we couldn’t get the bottle open, so we whacked it against the counter”

Deyzha Gonzalez,‘17, said, “Me, Carissa Gonzales, and Alex Hernandez would always take water shots before ‘Dance at the Gym’.”

Mikayla Hays, ‘17, said, “It would have to be playing Amy in Little Women my freshman year, after having a rough first act, during the second act (when I wasn’t on stage) Vincent Macareno cheered me up by looking at the hashtag ‘this could be us but I’m fat’ and we laughed until our stomachs hurt.”

Emily Williams, ‘17, said, her favorite memory was “being a chimney sweep for Mary Poppins.”

Javier Camacho, ‘17, said, “I really enjoyed learning the fight choreography for West Side Story.”

Owen Webb, ‘17, said, “Mine is the same as Javi’s because that was really fun.”

Colton Burrell, ‘17, said his favorite memory was “probably when Kenneth messed up the lyrics in West Side Story but made a completely new rhyme that worked perfectly.”

Lauren Williams ‘17 says her favorite memory is “probably last year during west side while everyone was getting ready and we all went dancing around onstage half-dressed with no makeup. It was a very family moment for me.”

Annie Lahkani, ‘17, said, “My favorite part of all of the shows is all of the work that leads up to the show like all of the late nights and long rehearsals. For instance watching from the house or rehearsing in the dressing rooms and seeing it be put together before the audience sees it.”

Alex Hernanadez, ‘17, said, “My favorite memory is putting on the school shows for the elementary kids. Nothing is more rewarding than hearing the genuine reactions of the kids laughing or gasping.”

Kaley McCounnaughey, ‘17, said, “One of my favorite memories was last year during west side story. Before every show all of the sharks would get in a big huddle and chant ‘tiburones’, which means “sharks” in spanish. It was a super fun way to get hyped for the show every night.”
Hayley Nelson, ‘17, said, “My favorite memory from a RHS show was during Mary Poppins I played Miss Andrews and got to try flying during dress rehearsals.

  • Written by: Mikayla Smithson, ’17, and Colton Burell, ’17

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