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Orchestra is in Damn Yankees?

With the musical coming up that means another year of the student orchestra learning the accompaniments. Mr. Bettencourt has been conducting the play for a couple of years now, and says that this orchestra is a little different in the fact that there are strings and wind. The students in the orchestra are each chosen by Mr. Bettencourt and Mr. Yokota.

Mr. Bettencourt said, “I pick the top musicians from each the band, and orchestra.” In doing this he assures that the play will go down without a hitch.

Some of the students playing are Kaitlyn Link, ‘19, and Kayla Cabanas, ‘19, Link is with percussion and Cabanas plays the clarinet.

Both students say they are extremely excited to be apart  of the play this year. However, each have their own individual thoughts on how they feel about the music.

Link said, “As I play the music I really like the songs that we’re playing, and feel more comfortable, and I’m really excited to play in the play.”

Link also shared her thoughts on the difficulty of the music. She said that the music was “pretty simple, as it’s just off beats and basic swing.” Cabanas also said the music  was a little more challenging, but she said she enjoys the challenge of the music.

Although the music is more challenging each of the girls say that they are very excited for the musical, and hope that many people come to watch.

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