Vroom, Vroom!

Redwood High School held their 2017 Car Show on Friday, January 27th.

The car show was originally going to be held on January 20th. However, due to the rainy weather, it was moved to the 27th. When asked about the decision to move the car show, Bryanna Martinez, ‘17, the ASB president, said, “ It was raining and we didn’t think the car show would be as effective in the rain.” Redwood recognizes the value and potential in everyone’s cars, and wants to protect their cars from damage.

There were many cars presented at the car show. About an estimated 20 people signed up for the show by Thursday, which was the deadline. Many students on campus have a passion for cars, and the Car show is a way to show this passion on campus. Marcus Olivias, ‘18, says, “ The goal of our car show is to get students involved. We want to value every single student here on campus.”

For some students this will either be their first or last car show. For Tyler Tran, ‘19, this will be his first time entering the Redwood car show. When asked about why he entered the car show, Tran said, “ The car I entered looked pretty nice and I thought it would be fun to enter an organized car show.”

For others it was their last. Some seniors such as Caylie Williams, ‘17, have entered in their last car show at Redwood. When asked about the reason for entering, Williams said, “ I just have a passion for cars of any make and model. Even getting to see what’s under the hood sparks my eyes. Every car is just unique, and it’s nice to see what everyone is into.”

The Redwood car show is a fun time for all students. Whether it be a first or last experience, the annual Car Show brings joy and fascination to many students on campus.

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