CSF’s Membership Drive is Back!

RHS’s California Scholarship Federation (CSF) had a membership drive the week of January 23-27 during lunch in Room 108 for the Fall semester. Tons of students at Redwood High School join CSF to better their future, and to hopefully gain some scholarships to help with after high school education. CSF meets about 6-8 times a year in the band room, usually announced through the RHS bulletin. CSF has lots of Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors, and Freshmen are now eligible to register with their first semester grades. They get involved in lots of things during the holidays and during membership week.

Mrs. Cheatwood, CSF administrator, said, “CSF is a club that emphasizes high standards of scholarship and community service, it was founded in 1921, it’s the oldest scholarship institution in California, and it is mandated by the state which many people don’t know that, and it’s based on grade points. The requirements are that you meet the grade points, don’t have any Ds or Fs, and you pay a 5$ fee, and to become a lifetime member, you have to become a member 4 out of 6 times your Sophomore, Junior, Senior year. Usually we have about 50-60 seniors in the past per year at graduation but that number is growing every year, it depends on the size of the class also. We are currently organizing one community service at an elderly home care facility….maybe one of the others will do something with the ASPCA….so those are in the works, it is up to my officers to carry on those community projects.”  

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