Another New Elementary School?!

On Tuesday December 6th, 2016, the VUSD approved a new dependent charter school. The Global Learning Charter School will be opened on the current Fairview Elementary campus. In the fall of 2017, GLCS will open to K-6. By fall of 2019 grades K-8 will be introduced.

This new school will be centered around 21st century learning, such as languages and technology. According to the school board it will have, ¨more creativity and less conformity¨. The charter school is a school any student with interest can attend. This charter school seems to be a great step in the right direction for teaching the youth. I believe that the curriculum of this school ties in exactly with the way that today’s society runs. With a basis of technology and communication in a majority of jobs across the nation, this type of charter school helps to prepare the next generation for the real world.

With VUSD opening so many schools, some would wonder as to the reason why. However, I understand as to why it is happening. It is good for the community, it lessens crowded schools, and it provides more education for the children. This new charter school may change the way elementary schools are based in VUSD, thus producing more of them. This change in our community could be very beneficial to everyone.

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