Trends That Need to Stay in 2016

The year 2016 was a tough year for everyone, but we did get some good out of it such as new memes and breakthroughs that changed everyone’s life forever. However, the past is the past and it’s time to leave a few trends in 2016 and never bring them back.

New beauty trends popped up last year, especially in the makeup world. Kylie Jenner began the trend of having big lips but now it’s time to stop. Over lining the lips to make them appear bigger just makes the person look funny. Embrace your natural lip line. On top of that, highlighter became a makeup staple in the beauty industry. However, having your highlighter look like a strip of glitter on your cheek isn’t as appealing or new anymore. It needs to stay behind in 2016.

One fashion trend that needs to die off is chokers and I’m not talking about the cute velvet chokers but the big bulky ones that make it impossible to move your neck to see the person behind you. Also, guys that wear overly baggy clothes. It’s just so unflattering for the body and the clothes are usually overpriced. The Yeezy line has got to end.

Trends that went viral across the internet were the mannequin challenge, new dances such as dabbing and new sayings like “triggered” and “I’m shook”. All of these trends were fun moments in 2016, but it’s now time to move on and create new silly challenges to annoy people.

Regardless what trends leave or make a comeback in the new year, just make sure to make the year of 2017 fun and full of great moments. Who knows, maybe people miss the over sized chokers and the challenges we created, but hopefully they never come back.

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