Senioritis: An Epidemic?

January not only kicks off a New Year, but it’s also a time for seniors to finalize applications and receive their acceptance letters that will determine their college education. Many students have already started receiving their letters. Although seniors still have to get through AP testing and Spring finals, senioritis is beginning to set in for some students.

Lily Venturino, ‘17, said, “I used to not do my homework that often, but now I really don’t do it. I have just lost my motivation after I finished my college apps.”

Although the application process is coming to a close, there is still a whole other half of senior year, including the scholarship process. Scholarships asks for a student’s creativity and hard work, some requiring essays or other projects.

Harvest Keeney, ‘17, said, “I’m still shocked at how I managed to survive through everything, it’s a terrible state to be in. There was so much happening in and out of school it was hard to balance everything.”

One important thing to remember as a high school senior is to calm down and remember to relax sometimes. We have to keep in mind that no matter what happens, we will still be okay.

“And we still have scholarships left to do, I just hope I can finish my last year on a good note,” said Keeney.

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