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Winter Break Fun

During winter break, many people traveled or stayed home. Many spent time with family they don’t get to see often so it was a big opportunity in those three weeks to bond with them and get a break from school. It gave teachers an opportunity to focus on their family and not worry about school in those three weeks.

Taya Bueno ’19, said, “I was with my family and friends during the break. Half the break, I stayed home and watched movies. The other half of the break, I went to magic mountain and bowling. Break was enjoyable to me because I got to spend time with my family and friends. I felt excited to go on break because I rest from school and dedicate time to my friends and family.”

Jackie Escobar’ 19, said, ”Over break I went to my LA for my aunt’s birthday and I also celebrated two of my siblings birthdays. After that I went to the snow. Break was enjoyable because I got to spend time with family that lives far, I got to sleep in and be able to go to sleep late. I really enjoy school so I prefer going to school than taking a break.”

Kassandra Garcia ’19, said, ”During the break, I hung out with my friends. Also, I went to the movies and the mountains. It was enjoyable to me because I was able to relax and bond with both my friends and family. Having winter break gave me the opportunity to go places I wouldn’t be able to go while school is in session.”

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