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For those interested in taking up communications as a major in college, next year there might be a new class to prepare you. Redwood is now introducing a speech class starting next school year. It will be available for sophomores, juniors, seniors and will be taught by the beloved AP Language and Composition teacher, Mrs. Moore!

Mrs. Moore said, “I was a Communication major and I’m very passionate about the power that comes with being able to articulate well. I have seen the need for effective public speaking instruction and the shift to Common Core Standards includes a focus on speaking and listening so I thought Redwood could benefit from a speech class.”

There will also be meetings held, and even next year’s freshman can attend the meetings, though they need to wait a year to get into the class.

David Kingsford, ‘18, said, “I’m excited that if helps people come out of their shell in a way. It teaches leadership and responsibility which is cool.”

There is also going to be informational meetings on next Wednesday at lunch and next Thursday after school in Room 203. If you are interested in attending the class please come to Room 203 for next week’s meetings and bring a friend!

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