How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep is the number one requirement for everyone who wants to have a productive day. High school is tough, but it’s tougher when you happen to find yourself falling asleep between lessons. Why is it so hard to get sleep might you ask? Here’s the guide to a better night’s sleep.

When attempting to go to sleep, it’s best to NOT have any electric devices on. That includes TV, radio, cell phone, and anything that projects light. Even the littlest light within a dark room can keep you from sleep, so remember to turn everything off!

Another thing to remember is chronic stress can keep you up at night, like worrying over problems, deadlines, and frustrations. Best thing to do is relax, take the time to lay down and clear your mind of any stresses. As soon as your mind is clear, you should be dozing off into sleep.

Avoid all and any types of caffeine! Drinking a Mountain Dew before bed will definitely not have you asleep any time soon. Try to avoid late night caffeine cravings that you may have in order to get in track with your sleep schedule.

Lastly, make sure you go to bed on good terms. We’re all human and we all have those bad days where sometimes we argue with one another. It’s completely normal. However, it’s better to sleep with no grudges or issues than to lay down for hours thinking about how much it sucks to fight. Make up and make time for sleep!

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