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The Dreaded Finals

Even though the best time of the year has arrived, there is still work to be done as a student, and worst work of all is easily the dreaded winter finals. It is the hardest time of the year because it tests everything that has been taught from the beginning of the semester, which can go back to 18 weeks ago.

For students in general, finals are especially stressful because that means many students are relying on the final grade to boost their grade up higher than even possible. For an AP student, the struggle is even more real because the class criteria is stepped up a notch, and the pace is unbearably fast.

Tania Jiroudi, ‘19, said the key to finals is staying well-organized. Jiroudi said that she splits up her time by assigning herself a specific day to work on each of her classes, but she is still being challenged by the alarming amount of deadlines. Jiroudi said, “The hardest part about finals is how overwhelmed you are, it can make it hard to focus.”

Danyal Shahroz, ‘18, said he gets through finals by keeping his eye on the prize–winter break. Shahroz said that finals is the last thing that happens before break starts, and then it is all about relaxing for three weeks. Shahroz said, “Trying to remember everything you’ve learned and cram it in time for the test is the most stressful part about finals week.”

Bryanna Martinez, ‘17, said that finals is definitely a challenge because throughout the year she is usually involved in extracurricular activities, and she is taking some of the hardest AP courses offered at Redwood High School. Martinez said that her club advisors have eased up on the club responsibilities, as they are understanding and considerate of her grades in her classes. For the most part, Martinez tries to be organized because that helps her push through all the work. Martinez said, “Most people say final grades for seniors aren’t very important, as long as you pass the class. Personally, I tend to freak out if it’s not a grade that I’m accustomed to getting.”

The hardest part about making it to winter break is the hard week that happens before it, but once it’s over, there is a whole three weeks to recover before the next semester starts up again! And remember, your grade does not define you! No matter what happens during finals week, we are all still Redwood Rangers.

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