Spreading Holiday Cheer with Photography Club

As finals and the holiday season closes, in everybody seems to be keeping themselves busy in the best of ways! A ton of clubs have taken advantage of this charitable season by fundraising for themselves, promoting their club or even raising money for other causes.

Ramses Romero, ’18, explains that last week, “…in lunch you can take a Polaroid picture with a friend and send it to anyone you would like. The package includes a picture, treat and a message which you can write yourself!”

Another thing that Photography Club has been doing to promote their club is their RHS Photo-A-Day challenge! If you have Instagram you’ll see that many people have already participated in this challenge as shown below:

Alyssa Ruiz, ‘18 said, “This is our third time doing a photo a day challenge. The challenges are basically how we’ve gotten more people to know about our club and they’re really fun to do and a lot of people have participated in the challenges so far.”

Don’t forget to post your pictures for photography club with the hashtag, #RHSphotoaday!

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