Food is What Brings Us Together

 During Christmas time, many cultures eat different foods and have a variety of different festive desserts that they enjoy after. Some have traditional meals they eat every year and some have a different meal every year. It depends on what their tradition is and what day they celebrate Christmas on. Most of their cultural traditional foods are homemade and have been served in their families for more years than they can remember.

The most common food to eat during Christmas would be ham, stuffing, and mashed potatoes which are also the common foods that are served on Thanksgiving. However, Christmas is the holiday where families put a spin on the foods that they eat because that are so many different option for every culture. For instance, a huge staple for food for Mexicans during the Christmas season are tamales, which a specific type of dough called masa filled with seasoned meat of any kind. However, this food seems to have spread in popularity so much that people of many different ethnicities are adopting it as a food that they eat every year for Christmas. The purpose of Christmas dinner is to eat different foods that you may not eat all year long, and to spend time with family that you may not see as much.

We all should be thankful that we have been blessed with the opportunity to have a table filled with a variety of different foods during the Christmas season, as well as to be able to bond with family whom we aren’t able to see everyday of the year. Having a gathering with the family is important because it’s a once a year thing and it gives those who work a lot an opportunity to meet with their family and not worry about work.

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