Did They Survive?

First semester is about to end and in this year we’ve have seen some new teachers at Redwood High school. Although they are new to the Redwood atmosphere, they have much to contribute in the long run.

Mr. Luis, RHS Math Teacher, said that, “The first semester at Redwood has been full of new experiences. I have enjoyed getting to know my students and helping them learn.”

Ms. Forsythe, RHS English Teacher, “ I was very excited to start teaching at Redwood after 4 years at the middle school level. It has been an amazing experience. The administration is a dream and the other teachers are welcoming.”

Teaching can be a challenging sometimes especially in a new environment. Forsythe has found the help of others at Redwood helps. “They are great people to lean on when you are feeling drained. It has been especially awesome sharing rooms with Mr. Feehan, Ms. Wright, and Ms. Link. It has helped me make quick friends.”

Mr. Luis, In the end, feels the people at Redwood make the difference. “Everyone — from the staff to the student body — has been welcoming and friendly, making me feel comfortable teaching here at Redwood.”

Forsythe agrees. “The best part by far has been the students the energy they have is refreshing…  Redwood is an amazing place to teach and I am so honored to be teaching here!”

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