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You’ve Got Friend In Me

Members of WE Club are selling Rafiki bracelets on campus in the quad during lunch until December 9th. Each bracelet costs $12, and all proceeds are going to Redwood’s Pillar, an education program in Haiti.

These bracelets were made by African mothers and “Rafiki” actually means “friend” in Swahili.

President of WE Club Arisha Kassam, ‘19, said “Whatever money it is we make, we are are gonna be giving away too Free the Children so that they can give it to the Haiti education program. So fifty dollars gives education to one student, and two thousand dollars gives education to a whole family. We are just trying to make sure they get what they deserve.”

There are five different designs/types of the Rafiki bracelets, which are based on five pillars in the system which are: Education, Water, Food, Health, and Opportunity. These bracelets also include some holiday designs, such as a green and red Christmas bracelet.

The funds will be separated into the right pillars when the funds are transferred to the program, for example, if someone buys an education bracelet, the funds go towards a student’s education and if someone buys a water bracelet, the funds would go towards giving clean water to a family.       

The WE Club will not be gaining a huge profit from this fundraiser and are mainly doing this out of the kindness of their hearts. Hopefully WE Club will raise a lot of money for the program and give the families the necessities they need to live a better life.

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