College Season is Almost Done

With the 2016 Fall Semester coming to close, so are college applications. Seniors are full of excitement, and a little bit of fear, as they send out their applications.

We spoke to two seniors who have recently applied to CSUs and UCs to better understand what exactly our Class of 2017 is experiencing.

Carissa Gonzales, ‘17, applied to CSU Fresno, CSU Fullerton, CSU San Jose, and CSU Long Beach and she plans on majoring in Vocal Performance. Gonzales ‘17 says “People really aren’t lying when they say it goes by fast, it feels like school started last week. I’m looking forward to all the things going on next semester but I’m not ready for the year to end yet.”

Jessica Calderon, ‘17, applied to CSU Long Beach,  Monterey Bay, Sonoma, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. UCLA, UC Davis, UC Santa Cruz, and UC Irvine and plans on majoring in either Biochemistry or Business. Calderon says “This first semester has been so stressful. I am so glad that winter break is soon.”

Our seniors have worked very hard these past four years, not only in their academics, but in their extracurriculars as well, and it’s all coming to an end very soon. Keep them in your thoughts as this semester comes to a close, and they begin to decide what they want to do in their next chapter.

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