Rules and Regulations: Winter Formal

img_6818Winter formal is just one day away. Tickets are a necessity to be able to enter the dance. This year there is a new policy. Just one ticket may be purchased by every student attending the dance. The parent-student dance agreement is also something new that has been featured this year.

Many students are asking the same question as I am. That question is, why single dance tickets? A good amount of students wonder why this was implemented. Gentlemen are usually the ones who buy tickets for both themselves and their date, so this plays into the manners of the dance as well. Another reason why students may be against this is because it makes things more complicated by making it mandatory to have both attendants acquire their own ticket.

The student-parent dance agreement form is a lot more understandable. I do not agree with it 100%, but I do agree that a parent or guardian should have be informed about what’s going on the night of the dance, rules that are necessary to follow, and the dress code of the dance. They will also have a better understanding as to why a student has been sent home from a dance, and what they could do to avoid this situation. The signing of this sheet is required only once a school year per person, and should be understandable from a student’s and parent’s view.

However, don’t let these changes affect your experience tomorrow night at Winter Formal! The dance this year is going to be just as great as last year’s!

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