Go to Winter Formal!

Formal is coming up pretty quickly and students are getting excited. But there’s a bit of controversy about how early it’s coming. Some students are saying that it’s too early and it should be hosted later on in January like it has been in the past. However, with finals and Christmas break following along after, it’s perfect timing.

One of the reasons why it was changed to be in December and not usually in January is because of the availability and budget cuts. As expected Winter Formal was initially supposed  to be at the Convention Center, but it happened to be booked for other events that weekend, so they couldn’t put us in at the date we wanted originally. Another reason is because renting out the Convention Center isn’t cheap by any means so having it in one of the high school gyms just seemed more realistic, which I completely agree with.

This year, Mt. Whitney will be hosting Formal in their gym. All the high schools rotate each year for the dances, but every year each school still tries to contribute somehow no matter what school is hosting it. The tickets will cost $20 with an ASB sticker, $30 without, and $40 at the door. This year, since the dance will be at Mt. Whitney, and there will be more money in the budget so the decorations and entertainment will be better.

Don’t be afraid to go without a date. Grab some friends and go in a group. Just don’t sit around sulking if someone doesn’t ask you.

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