The Life of a Theatre Kid

img_4179When the musical comes around in February we are all mesmerized by the amazing talent the students at our school possess. We typically don’t think about all the long work days and rehearsals it took to create such a unique work of art. Getting the privilege to be in such a phenomenal show has its positives, but it also requires some sacrifices that some people aren’t willing to make. That’s why the show ends up being an experience that is worth it in the end, because everyone who has worked so hard gets to see the show they created come to life.

Musicals look for people who are capable of getting out their comfort zone. Being involved in the musical doesn’t mean being the greatest singer or actor, it means creating a story. If you’re willing to take a chance and forget about what people think about you, you’ll truly get the best experience out of it.

It takes many months of preparation bring the show to life, so it’s no doubt that the musical is in fact time-consuming. Typically, the musical takes up three rehearsals a week. Of course, you don’t have to go to every single one, some are only for a certain group of people, which leaves you breaks throughout the musical season. Yes it takes up time, but it’s definitely not time wasted. You can do your homework while you’re not being worked with and you can also even get help from those around you. Just make sure you are quiet, because people is working right next to you.

Being involved in the musical also opens up another window of more friends. Because rehearsal is not during school, most of the people you don’t have classes with will be there! You get to meet so many people who have the same love for theatre as you do. Also you have the chance to meet people you wouldn’t have meet if you weren’t in the musical. If you don’t know Mrs. Galvan or Mr. Carrillo, you’ll now get to meet the people behind this wonderful creation!

Although some might say it’s time consuming and stressful at times, ask any musical kid, in the end, that experience you had in the Redwood musical was worth every minute, Unfortunately, it is too late to audition for a part in the musical, but you still have many opportunities to become involved in the show! When the show comes closer, you can still sign up to be apart on the set crew or just enjoy the show, Damn Yankees, in the audience! You also have next year to audition if you are not a senior.

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