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Damn Yankees: Coming Soon

Damn Yankees is the upcoming musical for Redwood High School that will premiere in February. A man named Joe Boyd sells his soul just for the Senators to beat the Yankees. Because Boyd took the deal he is changed into Joe Hardy, a powerful baseball player. When Hardy starts to miss his wife he is rethinking the deal, so Applegate sends a Temptress named Lola to convince him to stay.

The students that are participating in the musical are super excited about the show and have been working really hard so they will be their best for when the time comes to perform.

Felicia Trevino, ‘18, said, “ The musical is a lot of work and it’s fun.” The musical and hard work that goes into it is always worth it in the end to Trevino.

Drew Langer, ‘18, said, “ We had just finished learning choreo for Shoeless Joe. It’s complex, upbeat and fun. It will definitely look good on stage.”

Trevino also said her favorite thing to do is learning the songs in the musical. She said, “I like learning the songs because Mr. Carrillo is teaching it and everyone sings good.”

Langer said, “ I prefer the dancing because I am in my comfort zone.”

Everyone in the musical is determined and glad to be able to put on a great show this upcoming February. They hope many will go and see the musical that they are going to put on for not only the Community, but to represent Redwood’s talent and performing arts. The songs are catchy and the dances will be awesome. Go see Redwood’s Damn Yankees in February!

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  1. Members from Redwood band will be providing the music.

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